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elizabeth olinmah

hi everyone! welcome to my blog.

i am so happy that you are here. m y name is elizabeth olinmah, also known as itheal. i am a daughter, a sister, and a friend. i am also a lover of all things fiber, plants and animals. i am a christian.

i love crocheting all the time. i love yarn, hooks, beautiful colors and making beautiful things with my hands. when i am not crocheting, you may catch me getting my hands dirty in the soil.

i am from delta state in nigeria , but i grew up in port-harcourt. i have four siblings that i love very much and four dogs.

i struggled to crochet in my earlier days when i was in secondary school. my friends were always crocheting and priding in what they made. i wanted to make mine so bad but it was a huge struggle and i quit. i wasn’t always good with school work. science and art together but my dad assisted me a lot in secondary school.(thanks dad) but i struggled though the university until the lord jesus came and bailed me out(that’s a testimony on its own). i had settled it in my mind that i was dull, boring and uncreative. i heard a preaching by joyes meyer about praying for creativity and i prayed with her.

one day in 2016 i saw my friend crocheting and i asked her for her hook and crocheted. that was it. i was hooked. i wanted to know more about it, i wanted to create amazing things everyday. theres so much i have gained on this journey and thats why i started this blog. so join me on my journey and learn about this wonderful gift of crochet given to us by god himself.

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  1. Blessing Olinmah

    Awwww you go sis! May God prosper this wonderful gift He has put in your hands! I love you so much!

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